BRAVE for Veterans, Inc., a Massachusetts community-based non-profit, whose sole mission is to contribute to the well-being of transitioning Service-members, transitioned Veterans, and their families by helping them to secure among other things, self-sustaining employment or entrepreneurship.

BRAVE connects veterans to the services they need and develops programs that address gaps in those services or that enhance their effectiveness and efficiency. The focus of our program is on the financial stability of the Veterans and their families

Why was BRAVE created?

BRAVE’s value to the workforce investment system is not limited to efforts to help the veteran obtain employment.

BRAVE also advises the employer how to refine its employment search and offer with a recognition that the veterans’ wraparound service needs can and do go beyond just having a job at the time of hire

What makes BRAVE different?

Wraparound services 

pioneered by BRAVE as “whole-person”

Gap Fillers

BRAVE detects gaps and breaks and improves them

Program measurement

based on the successful recommendation and implantation of policy affecting all veterans and possibly the entire Force.