Other Program Initiatives for 2017-2020, in response to Gaps

Title Gov’t Level Initiative Implementation The Good
Valor Act I State Prior Learning Cred. 2012 GI Bill Positive
Veterans Smile State Oral Health 2016-18 Jobs/Better Health
Earned Income TC State Advanced Payments 2018 Purchasing Power +
US Army Career S National Soldier for Life 2016 and Beyond Improve Transition
US Army Career S State and Local Boston Fire Dept. 2018 Offset Retirements
US Army Career S National UniteUs 2018 Collaboration
Commercial National ToTheRear

“We change your direction and then your destination. The right job for you!”

2018 BRAVE revenue
Fundraising Private Summer Scramble 2017 Local Philanthropy
BRAVE’s Best Internal Friendly Vet Corp Recognition 2019 Award Leaders
Florida International Private Education Collaboration 2018 Tech training

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